Fuji x100 infrared photography

There are some days where I struggle to feel motivated with my photography but when I go out with my little Fuji X100 and screw on my Infrared filter, that is not one of those days. 

For the uninitiated, infrared photography is special as it capture parts of the infrared spectrum of light, not the visible spectrum that our eyes see. It is like entering another world where trees glow, grass turns white and skies take on a whole new clarity.

Take the low light gathering attributes of an infrared filter and add in the built in ND filter of the fuji x100 and you have some seriously long exposure times in broad daylight.

I was messing around on the river in Aarhus and seeing what contrast I could get with the shadows and light. It seems that it is possible to capture reflected infrared light off foliage in direct sunlight but water and shade are the antithesis to that.

The skies that day weren't particularly special but the infrared filter brought out a unique clarity and depth to the blues and the clouds.

The original file from the image that I opened with just not turned into black and white. It is helpful to use the OFV or the EVF of the x100 to compose but neither will really give you the true feeling of what you will be able to come up with unless you are really experience. The first few times I tried infrared I was a little disappointed how orange my photos were no matter how much I fiddled with the white balance. I expected the image to come out at magazine quality with little effort.

I'm looking forward to the next sunny day with my pocket powerhouse: the Fuji X100.

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